Sponsor the Lost Sea TV Series


Bernie pulls his wagon across a Texas bridge.
Man I could use your help! Actual scene from the Lost Sea Expedition Series

The Lost Sea Expedition is being produced for public television. That way, I keep artistic control over the content. You, the viewer, get to join me for an American odyssey unbiased by commercial influences. Here’s the catch.

Public TV, unlike commercial programming, does not pay for content. So it’s up to the film maker, me, to raise all the money needed to create the program. That money comes from the underwriter– call them the sponsor, angel, donor, rainmaker, you.

It will cost about $120,000 to get the Lost Sea broadcast ready. By industry standards, that’s a tiny budget for a 4-part series that was filmed over 14 months.  In addition to editing costs ($60k) there are other not-so-sexy expenses that need to be met. Audio engineering (so it sounds great -$8k), close captioning (so the hearing impaired can enjoy – $2k) and E&O insurance (it’s a lawsuit thing – $8k).

That’s lots of mule chow! And I’m going to raise it just the way I traveled across the United States. Here’s how.

Join the “Penny a Foot” Adventure

Map illustrating the 2,500 mile route that Bernie and mule Polly took from Canada to the Mexican border.
The 2,500 mile route across America.  I only completed the voyage because I had so much help from folks along the way.

I traveled across America one step at a time. I am raising money the same way. The trip across the USA was 2,500 miles. We need to raise $120,000. Break that down in to dollars and miles and you get about $50 per mile. Three dollars for a hundred yards. A penny a foot. Okay, you get the idea….!

This is where you can help. Can you give $50 dollars to move the project a mile up the road? That would pay for half an hour of editing and get use one step closer to our goal.

Moving up the Road

Giving is easy. Use the secure Donate button. Mail funds to the mailing address. If you have another gift in mind -like corporate underwriting or gifting in someone’s name- just drop me a line.

We have partnered with the non-profit IDA (International Documentary Fund (501(c)(3)).  If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation,  contact us and we can set that up for you. Here’s more how that process works.

Hey, this is as doable as the trip was! So come on and pull some. Sponsor the series. Together we’ll travel across America in my wagon.  Your gift will have a measurable impact and we’ve got some cool premiums to thank you with. Thank you.